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Six Content Marketing Principles You Shouldn't Be Ignoring (but Probably Are)

by Timothy Carter  |  
October 18, 2016

Content marketing can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. You may base your strategy on the basic idea of producing valuable material for your users, or dig deep into data that dictates a complex process of creating content for the entirety of the customer journey.

Either way, some fundamental content marketing principles should be guiding how you create and distribute your content.

The trouble is, many marketers don't follow those fundamental principles, usually out of ignorance or apathy. Neglecting them, however, can put a serious damper on your potential growth.

So, when planning your content marketing efforts, keep the following six principles in mind.

1. Provide quality over quantity

There's simply too much content out there for any kind of quantity-based strategy to work. The truth is, if you want any hope of attracting meaningful attention with your content, you have to be a part of the minority offering the "best of the best" content. If that means producing only one standout piece rather than five lukewarm pieces, so be it.

Most marketers end up ignoring this principle in part because our brains are wired to see values in terms of quantities: Two articles, on the surface, seem better than one, providing twice the benefits. But if neither of those articles is good enough to attract attention, you might as well have zero articles.

2. Focus on the long term

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Timothy Carter is the founder of digital marketing agency OutrankLabs. He is also director of business development for Seattle-based content marketing agency AudienceBloom.

LinkedIn: Timothy Carter

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