Many professionals talk about the need for personal branding, and Beyoncé is a shining example of how a public figure and a brand can intertwine. But it's not just people who can learn a great deal from the renowned and meticulously built Beyoncé brand; companies can, too.

You may not think of her as a marketer, and marketing is probably not her primary focus, but Beyoncé has plenty of branding experience that modern companies can emulate. Through the ups and downs of her career, Beyoncé has steadily built a brand that encompasses not only her music but also her style, beliefs, and personality.

How has she done it?

  • Telling her story and marketing with authenticity
  • Remaining largely consistent while taking small risks
  • Being honest in the face of controversy
  • Branching out through brand collaboration

Launching With Meaning

One factor that has undoubtedly propelled Beyoncé to the height of her fame is the buildup that takes place before the launch of a new product.

Earlier this year, she announced the launch of her women's sportswear line, Ivy Park, and the buzz immediately began. However, it wasn't just a hefty marketing budget or loads of advertising that kicked up intrigue about Ivy Park. It was the story and the reasoning behind the clothing line launch.

Beyoncé claimed to "live in" her workout clothes while rehearsing and working, but found that none of the current fitness brands felt quite right. So her intention was to create clothing that women could feel comfortable and strong wearing, and to bring light to the notion that beauty goes far beyond physical appearance.

A YouTube video with over 330,000 views features Beyoncé in her hometown discussing childhood memories of running with her father at the park. She then reveals how each challenging event in her life brought her back to the practice of running in that same park. At the end, the viewer is asked, "Where is your park?"

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