What drives your website content strategy?

It's simple enough to set up a site based on what you think it should be about and how it should look, but optimizing it for SEO is a whole different ballgame.

Why Optimize Your Website Content for SEO?

Put simply, by optimizing the very signals that communicate your website's purpose, you send Google a clear message of what your site is all about.

Though Google and other search engines can be surprisingly accurate, search engine crawlers don't evaluate your site in the same way that a human does, so optimization is also about including the correct coding and keywords: focusing on the meta title, creating a good description that invites people to your site, adding headers that make sense, and writing content that accurately describes what it is you do.

In aggregate, those small modifications can improve not only the site's performance in organic search results but also the user experience.

All that's on the surface. But, really, even basic onsite content optimization involves much more.

Keyword Research

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Nyima Bieber is the project operations manager at digital marketing agency TrafficSource. She works to obtain quick optimization wins as well as long-term organic search results.

LinkedIn: Nyima Bieber