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Finding your way to content marketing success is not always the easiest journey. To help guide you to your own content marketing success, this article will provide tips and tricks that I've learned along the way on my own journey.

That journey is uniquely meta: I run content marketing for a content marketing company. I'd like to say that I've always had our strategy under control. After all, this is our business. But let's get real. Back before content marketing was as common as it is today, I had little idea how to create content, much less content that people actually wanted.

After a three-year journey, sheer willpower, and a lot of A/B testing, we recently hit the 100K subscriber mark. Content marketing is now our highest-performing and most cost-efficient channel: For every $1 we put in, we get $14 out.

How did we make it happen? Here are four lessons and a few secrets to help you on your own journey to content marketing success.

1. Consistency and cadence trump volume

We analyzed data from over 10,000 articles across 100 customers, and found that publishing consistently is the No. 1 factor determining content marketing success.

Despite our initial thoughts, it turns out that the volume of content you publish doesn't necessarily translate to content marketing success. Rather, it's all about consistency and delivering a regular cadence of content.

2. Remove the guesswork: Create content you know will perform

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image of Alicianne Rand

Alicianne Rand is the vice-president of marketing at content marketing platform NewsCred.

Twitter @aliciannerand

LinkedIn: Alicianne Rand