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Livestreaming video has quickly become a hot trend in digital marketing. Facebook users, for example, spend three times longer watching live video on the social network than video that's pre-recorded.

And innovative brands that were early adopters of livestreaming have already reaped the rewards of this powerful, authentic, engaging, measurable, and cost-effective digital marketing channel—and they continue to do so.

Whether you're now evaluating livestreaming video or you've already decided to use it in your marketing mix, here are six helpful tips to get you started, based on my experience helping Pottery Barn, REI, GoPro, and New Balance harness the power of livestreaming video for the first time.

1. The Right Platform

Choosing the right platform to host your livestreaming video event is key. For a quick, raw, and unmoderated stream, you can use various mobile apps, such as Periscope and Facebook Live. However, those apps are limited in function and don't allow for custom branding or product content outside of the video stream.

For a more branded and moderated experience, you can use an enterprise livestreaming video platform that would allow you to add branding elements to the user experience, that have advanced audience interaction capabilities, and that often allow for content outside the video window (such as product information).

2. The Right Reason

You should have a good reason for doing a live-video-based event versus using an alternative digital marketing tactic.

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image of Fritz Brumder

Fritz Brumder is the CEO and a co-founder of Brandlive, a customizable, live interactive video platform solution that retailers and brands use to create engaging online events and training.

LinkedIn: Fritz Brumder