Those of us who've been working in search engine optimization know that SEO has evolved significantly, especially over the past few years: It is no longer search engine optimization, per se; our efforts are now aimed mostly at users, not bots.

Here are some helpful tips for making your own SEO content efforts more relevant and productive in 2017.

SEO Content?

Some years back, we used to have a few "SEO content writers." They used to write "SEO content" for us, with a whole lot of juicy keywords, with good keyword density and internal linking.

That content ranked high on search results with some help from off-page spammy work. And we would simply repeat that technique over and over again. The more the merrier: the more keywords you could stuff in your content, the more links you got in return—and there you were... in the top 3, at least, on search results pages.

2017's Content Focus

Have Actual Experts Write Your Content

If your business is gaming, then approach real gamers. If you are a B2B company, have marketing/business experts write about and for you; they know what your users are interested in. Because they are your users. They don't even need a list of keywords; it comes to them naturally. And, most important, they bring real value—useful information—to your audience with the content they produce.

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Liraz Postan manages the SEO channel at content discover and marketing platform Outbrain.

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