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Company: Minco
Contact: Mary Rapaport, Global Marketing Director, Minco; Chris Schermer, Partner and Director of Client Strategy, Schermer Kuehl B2B Marketing Agency
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Industry: Manufacturing (B2B)
Annual revenue: $100,000,000
Number of employees: 1100

Quick Read:

In the world of engineers, where numbers and measurable impacts reign supreme, marketing communications may seem like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, a pointless exercise in corporate frivolity. But not to electronics components manufacturer Minco.

Challenged by the company's president to increase sales and the workforce 50% over five years, Minco first invested in marketing communications to spread the vision, increase alignment, and build the brand among employees. Just one year after kicking off the branding and marketing campaign, Minco has grown both sales and the workforce by 43%.

The Challenge:

In 2004, Minco was a 30-year-old, $70 million company with 700 employees. Minco manufactures engineered components used in high-reliability products such as missiles, diagnostic equipment, and pacemakers and other implantable medical devices—all of which must work without fail. In other words, growth absolutely could not come at the expense of quality. Company leaders also realized that industry-standard marketing practices—for example, exhibiting at tradeshows and running ads in trade pubs—would not take Minco where it wanted it to go.

Enter Mary Rapaport. Now global marketing director at Minco, Mary realized her first task would be to rebrand and reposition the company internally. "We needed to preserve all the strengths, history, and uniqueness of the company," says Rapaport, "but develop the right messaging with more sophistication to connect with customers."

That effort had to start first on the inside.

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