Company: Monster Worldwide (Nasdaq: MNST)
Contact: Graeme Noseworthy, Marketing Manager, Staffing
Location: New York
Industry: Employment, B2B
Annual revenue: $987,000,000
Number of employees: 4600

Quick Read:, an established online staffing firm, needed new ways to reach its core audience of busy corporate human resources professionals. In the third quarter of 2006, Monster revamped its main email marketing campaign to make it more interactive and personal. Monster representatives now send their contacts a short text email that includes a click-to-view link to an interactive presentation about Monster's services.

Once the two-minute presentation starts, it can be run automatically or paused on any screen, based on user preference. The presentation is read out loud by the system, enabling the recipient to relax while it runs or perform other tasks if necessary. The last slide is customized with the recipient's sales contact and other personal information.

Monster credits the new approach with generating greater sales from existing customers, more leads from potential customers, and a higher click-through rate than ever before: 15%.

The Challenge:

Monster Worldwide is one of the best-known staffing companies, and its online division,, helped set the standard for Web-based job searches. Since Monster went public in 1996, more than 75 million of its visitors have established personalized job search accounts, and tens of thousands have received jobs through the site.

The company operates in 36 countries, including developing markets such as India, China, and the Middle East. Its global sales force focuses both on large enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses.

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