Company: CMO Council
Contact: Liz Miller, Vice-President of Operations
Location: Palo Alto, California
Industry: Nonprofit, B2B
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: Confidential

Quick Read:

When it comes to email marketing to marketing executives, standing out from the crowd can be quite a challenge. Such was the case for the CMO Council, an invitation-only marketing organization made up of more than 3,000 high-level executives from leading corporations worldwide. Representing the likes of Dell Computer, Nike Corp., Sony, and Coca-Cola, these members are the marketers who frequently "push the needle" and set the trends that inspire others.

When planning for the CMO Council's 2006 Summit—which took place late last year in two cities—Council leaders faced the dual challenge of effectively reaching busy members while maintaining the group's reputation for innovation and cutting-edge technology. Video stood out as a potential way to capture the attention and respect of these members, and ON24, Inc., a webcasting and media marketing services provider, showed the Council how it could integrate personalized webcasting into a new email format.

The new approach paid off, resulting in the Council's best-ever email campaign. The 2006 summit emails received a 99% open rate and an 80+% click-though rate and led to a host of early registrations for its two summit events.

The Challenge:

The CMO Council is a private, nonprofit organization made up of senior marketing executives; membership is by invitation only. Members work toward furthering the stature, credibility, and understanding of strategic marketing among business executives. Hence, this is a sophisticated audience that isn't easily impressed.

CMO Council executives had this in mind as they thought about new ways to promote their 2006 Summit—a two-part event consisting of a North America Summit, to be held in October in San Francisco, and a Europe Summit, to be held in London in November.

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