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Company: Pavilion Technologies
Contact: Jordan Weiss, Marketing communications manager
Location: Austin, Texas
Industry: Software, B2B
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 125

Quick Read:

Privately held Pavilion Technologies sells model-based software that improves the manufacturing process for specialized manufacturers, such as chemical and cement makers. The company's Web site and marketing materials say Pavilion commits to delivering the highest ROI in the industry, offering a proprietary methodology that ensures "predictable results."

Clearly, Pavilion knows how important it is for businesses to track ROI. But two years ago, its marketing department realized it was having trouble tracking its own ROI. Hence, it was difficult to know how effective its programs were or to justify to management that additional funds were needed.

Pavilion ultimately found a solution through a software system that helps monitor all prospects who visit its Web site. The visitors are categorized and put in a comprehensive profile that is automatically distributed to Pavilion's sales team, and salespersons engage the leads at just the right time to close deals. The software has also helped the marketing department improve efficiency, double the number of yearly email campaigns it conducts, and better track its ROI.

The Challenge:

Pavilion Technologies, which sells manufacturing optimization software for specialized manufacturers, decided in 2005 that it need to revitalize its marketing efforts. It wanted to transform its operations into a set of integrated processes that would help increase sales and allow Pavilion to gain understanding of its ROI on marketing expenditures.

As a first step, Pavilion's sales and marketing staff needed to improve how they shared valuable customer response information across discrete marketing channels. For example, Pavilion regularly used email campaigns to promote company webinars and conferences while reserving multi-channel marketing campaigns involving direct mail and telemarketing for lead generation. Because these campaigns were isolated from one another, the marketing team couldn't compare prospect response information to increase the effectiveness of its overall marketing program.

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