Company: Blooms Today
Contact: John Morley, Executive Vice-President, Marketing
Location: Haymarket, Virginia
Industry: Retail, B2C
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 65

Quick Read:

A floral delivery company, Blooms Today was a seasonal business. Business around Mother's Day and Valentine's Day was always booming—in fact, the company had just about as much business as it could handle around those two holidays—but it needed a way to drive sales during non-peak times.

The company, which considers itself to be in the relationship business, nevertheless had no email marketing strategy to improve relationships with customers. By creating an email strategy based on little-known "holidays," the company was able to spur gift-giving during the off-season.

A spike of as much as 10% in orders immediately followed email campaigns, with increased opens and clickthrough rates. The company also grew its email list more than 40% in just over a year.


"In our industry, there's a lot of opportunity, because almost everyone buys flowers. But they maybe buy them only 1.6 to 1.8 times a year," said John Morley, executive vice-president of marketing for Blooms Today.

While the company had as much as it could handle, logistically, during the days leading up to Mother's Day and Valentines Day, Morley knew he could increase the number of times people ordered flowers throughout the year if he could just hit on the right strategy.

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