Company: Synergy Dental Center
Contact: Dr. Anthony Newkirk
Location: Portland, Oregon
Industry: Medical, B2C
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 5

Quick Read:

Synergy Dental Center, a dental practice based in Portland, Oregon, wanted to increase its existing base of clients. Owner Dr. Anthony Newkirk had purchased the practice in 2003 from an 81-year-old dentist who was retiring. Though the company had an existing client base, it was stagnant, and there was no marketing strategy in place to attract new patients.

In summer 2007, Dr. Newkirk hired Portland marketing firm Sente Creative to develop a strategy to attract new clients and increase revenue. Dr. Newkirk's goal was 25 new patients a month. The firm launched an Internet-based strategy that relied on measures used by some of the larger businesses and Internet-based companies, including search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), geo-targeting and landing-page techniques.

Synergy Dental's client base has begun to grow, and Dr. Newkirk has nearly reached his goal of attaining 25 new patients a month.

The Challenge:

Synergy Dental Center had an existing base of clients when it was bought in 2003 by Dr. Newkirk. But the high-end dental practice had neither a brand identity in the community nor an established marketing strategy. Dr. Newkirk tried to boost revenues by placing radio ads on local stations and print ads in local Pennysavers, but that only seemed to draw in enough patients to counteract the dental practice's rate of attrition.

"It was a situation where I was putting money in every month without getting anything back in return," says Dr. Newkirk.

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