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Company: Denali Flavors
Contact: John Nardini, Executive Vice-President
Location: Wayland, Michigan
Industry: Consumer products, B2B
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 10

Quick Read:

Denali Flavors is a Michigan company that creates and licenses premium ice cream flavors for regional and store brands. Its 35 flavors are named and themed around animals that can be found in Alaska. The most popular flavor is Moose Tracks, which is made by more than 80 dairies nationwide.

Though Moose Tracks is very popular with consumers who've tasted it, many others have never even heard of it, Denali's research showed. The company needed to generate awareness of Moose Tracks, but at little cost. It hoped that a greater awareness of the ice cream would cause more consumers to try it, leading to increased business.

The Challenge:

Denali Flavors is a small company of 10 people, with a marketing staff of one: Executive Vice-President John Nardini. A former marketing executive at Proctor & Gamble and Heinz, Nardini keenly understood the value of an entrepreneurial marketing plan.

Nardini pondered how he could advertise and market Moose Tracks to a national audience without a nationwide advertising and marketing campaign.

The Campaign:

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