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Company: L&G Business Solutions
Contact: Lewis Green, Chief Communications Officer and Founder
Location: Avon, Conn.
Industry: Marketing and Consulting, B2B
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 2

Quick Read:

Marketing executive and author Lewis Green wanted to re-establish his company, L&G Business Solutions, in January 2004 after moving across the country to Connecticut. With no professional network to tap, he figured the best way to promote his marketing and consulting business would be a blog.

When Green first began the blog in 2005, he had a formidable goal of attracting customers for his fledgling business, but no plan to back it up. Not surprisingly, he generated little traffic and few business leads.

Instead of giving up, however, he took the time to study social media, then implemented a detailed strategy for attracting and maintaining a solid readership base. As a result, Green turned his inexpensive blog into a major source of lead generation, triggering a 40% increase in his client base.

The Challenge:

Lewis Green and his wife decided to relaunch their marketing company in 2004 after a new job he took didn't work out. Having recently relocated to the East Coast from Washington state, they had few business contacts in New England, so they knew they would have to get creative if they wanted to quickly generate brand recognition and build a new client base.

Green launched a company blog in April 2005 without a formal plan. He felt confident as a writer—after all, he was the author of five books, including his latest business title, Lead With Your Heart: Sell Happiness & You and Your Business Will Flourish. What he didn't realize, however, was that he would need to market the blog in order to generate any traffic.

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Kimberly Smith is a staff writer for MarketingProfs. Reach her via kims@marketingprofs.com.