Company: Morning Glory Inn
Contact: Dave Eshelman, Innkeeper, Co-owner
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Industry: Hospitality, Small Business
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 6

Quick Read:

Operating a bed-and-breakfast (B&B) inn in the highly competitive historic Pittsburgh area, Dave Eshelman, Morning Glory Inn's co-owner, needed a way to attract more recreational and business travelers.

The inn, located in a historic building, typically hosts 40 receptions and 50 business meetings a year, accounting for some 5,000 visitors in addition to its overnight guests.

Eshelman's challenge lay in not only competing with big-brand hotels but also standing out among the 16 B&Bs within 20 miles of Morning Glory Inn.

For over a decade, Morning Glory Inn relied on its Web site, the Yellow Pages, and direct mail initiatives to bring in new customers. As more travelers turned online to find places to stay, Eshelman wanted to go beyond his Web site and boost his online presence through rich-media advertising.

Eshelman turned to, which produced a digital-video commercial, allowing Eshelman to build a strong online advertising presence that successfully boosted the inn's visibility, both locally and regionally, among business and recreational travelers.

The Challenge:

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