Company: Radian6
Contact: David Alston, vice-president of marketing at Radian6
Location: Fredericton, NB, Canada
Industry: Internet technology, B2B
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 35

Quick Read:

Radian6 and CrossTech Media built it, and they came—over 1,500 marketing and PR professionals to the industry's first Twebinar, an event Radian6 vice-president of marketing David Alston describes as "a mashup between the real-time, multi-directional messaging and networking power of Twitter, with the convenience and rich media experience of a video webinar."

The event took place this past June in cooperation with Chris Brogan of Canton, MA-based CrossTech Media and included interviews with over 30 of the industry's social media leaders, whom participants were encouraged to connect with before, during, and after the event. It was an experiment that Alston hoped would spark greater use of social media among industry professionals, and in turn, more demand for his company's Web-dashboard product, which helps clients monitor all forms of social media in real time.

"The Twebinar tried to accomplish many things but primarily aimed to give those new to social media a chance to jump into the game with both feet alongside veterans in the biz," said Alston.

Radian6 leveraged (you guessed it) social media and the medium's inherent word-of-mouth properties to generate interest, and it succeeded in bringing in over 1,500 participants—far more than the average 300 attendees registered by most webinars—simultaneously generating significant brand awareness.


Radian6's Web dashboard monitors blogs, forums, online news, rich media, and networking sites and helps clients analyze the impact of comments, views, and links in real time.

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