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Company: Samsung Electronics Canada
Contact: David Mear, Media Supervisor, Cheil Canada
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Consumer Electronics
Annual revenue: $2,147,500,000
Number of employees: 1700

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Getting in the game early and trying something new has its risks—and its advantages.

When Samsung Electronics America introduced a new mobile device in direct competition with the iPhone, the company knew it had to do something novel to generate brand awareness and product consideration.

But tight budgets meant it couldn't just go all out; it had to take a strategic approach. Digital out-of-home media, although unproven, stood out as a new, low-cost channel with potential.

Samsung made digital out-of-home the primary vehicle for the new launch campaign. And by doing so, it achieved stellar brand-awareness levels and purchase-consideration ratings.


Samsung Electronics, the flagship company of South Korea-based Samsung Group, is a leading global electronics company that specializes in TVs, DVDs, MP3 players, video cameras, mobile phones, and more.

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