Company: Dr. Helaine Smith, DMD
Contact: Dr. Helaine Smith, DMD
Location: Boston
Industry: Dentistry, B2C
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: Confidential

Quick Read

Like many service professionals, Dr. Helaine Smith, DMD, is more than a dentist. She's also a small-business owner who must attend to more than continuing-education credits—including her own marketing and promotion—if she is to keep her business going and growing.

And like most small businesses, particularly those in the medical field, credibility is key. So, not long ago, Smith made it her personal mission to establish herself as a dental authority in the public eye.

Some might think that jumping on the "sex sells" bandwagon may not be the best way to go about that. Smith is living proof, however, that if approached the right way in conjunction with other awareness-generating tactics such as effective search-engine optimization (SEO), sex can be the tantalizing introduction that gets people to listen up and take notice.


Smith is a Boston-area dentist who specializes in advanced cosmetic-dentistry procedures. She's also a small-business owner on a mission to grow her business without breaking the bank.

A few years back, Smith sought to become more recognized as an authority in both general and cosmetic dentistry, seeing that as a way to pursue more long-term growth.

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