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Company: Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.
Contact: Ted Cardenas, Director of Marketing, Mobile Entertainment Business Group
Location: Long Beach, Calif.
Industry: Electronics, B2C
Annual revenue: $150,000,000
Number of employees: 500

Quick Read

Would you believe 2009 wasn't all bad? Onerous as it may be to peer through the wreckage left in the year's wake, there were a few bright spots deserving of a marketer's respect—including the explosion of social media and, with it, an unrivaled capability to precisely target specific consumer groups on a grand scale.

Moreover, we now have the means to listen in on—and participate in—the conversations consumers are having about their experiences, opinions, interests, and needs in relation to our products and brands.

Having effectively married those two elements of social media, electronics manufacturer Pioneer was able to achieve click-through rates topping 60% on its ads in online communities where consumers gather.


Pioneer Corporation is a leading maker of consumer and commercial electronics, offering audio, video, and computer products for the home and car. It has subsidiaries and affiliates around the world.

Pioneer Electronics (USA) is the sales and marketing arm of Pioneer's North American headquarters. The company's Mobile Entertainment Business Group manages its in-car product portfolio, which includes car stereo, satellite radio, and navigation systems.

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