Over one-half (51%) of Super Bowl viewers enjoy the commercials that air throughout the game more than the game itself, according to the Nielsen Company. The remaining 49% say they enjoy the game more than the ads.

Although Super Bowl ads on average are more effective than the typical television commercial, ads placed in the first quarter of the Super Bowl are better remembered and better liked:

Across three metrics of ad effectiveness, including general recall, brand linkage, and likeability, there is a steep drop-off as the game progresses to the fourth quarter, when ad performance settles at a level that is closer to the average for all television ads.

For example, general recall for ads airing in the first quarter of the game is on average 69%, but slips to 58% by the fourth quarter. Likeability for ads in the first quarter is on average 40%, but falls to 25% by the fourth quarter.

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