Mobile campaigns are emerging as powerful ad channel for marketers, outperforming online advertising by nearly five times across a variety of metrics, including unaided awareness, message association, and brand favorability, according to a study by InsightExpress.

Benchmarked against performance norms developed for online advertising, mobile campaign norms were also 6.0 times higher than online campaign norms in purchase intent, 3.0 times higher in aided awareness, and 2.5 times higher in ad awareness.

"Online campaigns continue to offer exceptional reach, flexibility, and variety," said Joy Liuzzo, senior director of Marketing & Mobile Research at InsightExpress. "However, the high levels of engagement, the explosion in technical capabilities, low levels of clutter, and the novelty of mobile advertising all likely contribute to increased brand impact."

Below, other findings from the Q4 2009 Mobile InsightNorms study, which analyzed the effectiveness of mobile advertising across media types and verticals.

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