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In Email Integration, Social Media Tops Mobile


Though the adoption of sophisticated mobile devices continues to climb, the integration of mobile marketing into email and online programs is still low: Less than one-third of marketers say mobile-optimized experiences are relevant to their email audiences, but nearly two-thirds say they are integrating social technologies into their email efforts, according to a survey from eROI.

Among marketers now integrating social network links and tools into their email marketing campaigns, Facebook is the most-widely integrated channel (91.0%), followed by Twitter (83.9%), LinkedIn (48.0%), and YouTube (34.1%).

In addition, 59.1% of surveyed marketers say they are integrating "share with your network" links into their email messages.

Among those marketers who don't integrate social media into their email campaigns, 35.2% cite a lack of resources and 21.4% cite a lack of knowledge.

Below, other findings from The Current State of Social, Mobile, and Email Integration.

Measuring Social Media Success

Overall, 73.7% of marketers say social media is having a positive effect on their marketing efforts.

Asked what metrics they use to measure social media performance, marketers cite the following:

  • Levels of friends and followers: 65.5%
  • Website traffic driven by social channels: 59.5%
  • Mentions: 39.0%

Fewer marketers are tracking bottom-line metrics:

  • New leads generated: 35.7%
  • Sales: 28.5%

Brand awareness remains a key driver of social media use: 40.6% of marketers say it's their primary goal for implementing social media marketing this year, whereas 15.0% cite lead generation and 13.3% cite sales.

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Integration of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing lags behind social media in email integration: Just 31.4% of marketers say mobile-optimized experiences matter to their email audiences.

Another 24.5% say they are now testing to determine the importance of mobile marketing for their business, and 14.8% say an optimized mobile experience isn't relevant to them.

Marketers lack the necessary knowledge to develop mobile programs: 63.0% say they don't measure the use or prevalence of mobile devices among their email subscribers; another 11.5% say they're not sure whether they do.

Even fewer marketers (23%) have mobile-optimized websites or landing pages (i.e., mobile compliant sites that work consistently across all mobile operating systems).  Among those who do...

  • 68.0% provide limited versions of their websites for a mobile audience.
  • 32.0% offer their entire site in a mobile-optimized format.

Slightly more marketers (25%) say they are offering mobile-optimized versions of their email marketing messages.

About the data: Findings are from an online survey of more than 500 B2B and B2C marketers in April 2010, conducted by eROI

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  • by Dylan Boyd Thu Jul 22, 2010 via web

    Just wanted to give anyone the direct link to the study as the other in this article places you at the Resource center. Enjoy and love your comments and thoughts on what we found.

  • by john Blue Thu Jul 22, 2010 via web

    fyi, the link to and the form on that site does not work (get php error)... So the survey from eROI is not able to be seen...

  • by Dylan Boyd Fri Jul 23, 2010 via web

    Thanks John. That is why I posted this link to use at the other one that was placed in the article was not the right one.

  • by Vahe Fri Jul 23, 2010 via web

    Apologies for the bad link, folks. Both the link to the resource center and the one to the report/form should be working now.

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