Next-generation media consumers, or "Off the Gridders," are young, educated, and affluent, and they spend less time viewing live TV but more time viewing online and time-shifted premium video content, according to a study by SAY Media. Such tech-savvy consumers are also difficult to reach via traditional broadcast media and other broadly targeted ad campaigns.

Off-the-Grid consumers constitute one-third of the online adults in the US, nearly 56 million people, according to the study. Off the Gridders are composed of two segments: "On Demanders" (20% of online adults) and "TV Opt Outs" (13% of online adults).

On Demanders consume more video content weekly than Internet users on average, primarily via time- and device-shifting, but they are the least receptive to TV, online, and mobile ads. For example, 52% of On Demanders say online ads are too long, compared with 42% of all Internet users. Similarly, On Demanders are also more likely to agree there are too many ads for each TV video content segment.

Key characteristics of On Demanders include the following:

  • On Demanders own an average of 5.4 devices for watching video, including their TV and personal computer.
  • 47% subscribe to Netflix, compared with 24% of all Internet users.
  • 40% own video-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones or iPads.

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