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New Generations of Hispanics Reshaping Ad Preferences

March 26, 2012

Second- and third-generation Hispanics—American-born and English speaking—now account for the majority (60%) of the nation's Hispanic population, according to a new study by Yahoo.

Proud of their ethnicity, such later-generation Hispanics are sensitive to the media's portrayal of their ethnicity, but they are far less likely to seek out content tied to ethnicity or language.

However, among first-generation Hispanics, who account for 40% of the US Hispanic population, ethnic identity and language cues play a bigger role in advertising preferences. 

Below, additional findings from a survey of 2,200 Hispanics in the US by Research & Insights at Yahoo.

Ethnic Identity Is Important to All Hispanics 

Ethnicity is an important part of the past and the present for both first-generation and later-generation Hispanics:

  • 62% of later-generation Hispanics say their ethnicity is a significant part of their identity, as do 72% of first-generation Hispanics. 
  • 79% of later-generation Hispanics say they are proud of their ethnic identity, as do 78% of first-generation Hispanics.

Connecting With Ethnicity

However, later-generation Hispanics are less inclined to connect with and share their ethnicity: 

  • 29% of later-generation Hispanics say they feel less in touch with their ethnic identity than when growing up, compared with 57% of first-generation Hispanics who say the same.
  • 29% of later-generation Hispanics say they try hard to expose those around them to their ethnic background, compared with 67% of first-generation Hispanics.

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