Smartphones, Wi-Fi access, and social media have liberated business executives from the confines of their offices; however, the flip side of that freedom is that very few can separate themselves from work after hours, according to a study by gyro and Forbes Insights

Among senior decision-makers, the boundaries between work and leisure have all but disappeared: 

  • 52% say they receive information related to business decisions around-the-clock, including weekends.
  • 63% check work-related email every 1-2 hours during non-work hours.
  • 53% step away from dinner to deal with work-related issues.
  • 98% send work-related emails during the weekends or at night.
The findings highlight the importance of creating relevant communications that can reach this hyper-engaged customer segment. 

Below, additional findings from the study titled: "The @Work State of Mind Project: Engaging the Most Engaged," a collaborative marketing research and development project by gyro and Forbes Insights.

Working Vacations

Among US execs, only 3% say they do not interact with work-related email or have business conversations while on vacation; most (39%) so so during every vacation. 

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