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Social Media Disconnect: Are Marketers Out of Touch?

December 6, 2012

Though consumers and marketers are fairly aligned in their focus on Facebook—similar proportions of each segment use the social networking site—marketers tend to be out of synch with their audiences regarding the use of other popular social channels, according to a study by Pitney Bowes Software.

The new study reveals a disconnect between brands' eagerness to market via social media and consumers' attitudes about receiving messages via social channels.

Below, key findings from Pitney Bowes, based on an online survey of 3,000 adult consumers and 300 senior marketing decision-makers across five markets (Australia, France, Germany, the UK, and the US).

Across all markets, Facebook leads in adoption both by consumers and by marketers: 93% of consumers who use social media use Facebook, as do 84% of marketers who use social media for business. 

However, marketers tend to be out of synch with their audiences regarding other social channels.

Among marketers who use social media for business and socialy-networked consumers:

  • 57% of marketers say they use Twitter, compared with 31% of consumers who do so.
  • 51% of marketers use Google+, compared with 21% of consumers.
  • 41% of marketers have established a presence on YouTube, even though 53% of consumers use the video-sharing site.

A mere 5% of socially-networked consumers use Tumblr, compared with 26% of marketers.

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  • by Frank Thu Dec 6, 2012 via web

    93% use facebook? 93%? I find that hard to believe considering internet penetration is at 78.6% as of June 2012 and as of September 2012 facebook subscribers penetration rate in North America was 52.9%. We are talking consumers here not consumers under 21 correct? The sample size seems excellent, but I would check the screeners or go back and check the question that was asked. Sorry, you may be correct but it doesn't have face validity. (souce of my data

  • by Lenna Thu Dec 6, 2012 via web

    Hi, Frank.

    You're right. Facebook's 93% penetration level is among adult social media users (age 18+), not online consumers. Consumers are assumed to be online because the survey was conducted via the Internet.

    Thank you for pointing out the error. I'm sorry for the confusion!

  • by Lenna Thu Dec 6, 2012 via web

    Hi, Frank. Also wanted to point out that I've corrected the article. Thanks again!

  • by Frank Thu Dec 6, 2012 via web


    Thanks for clearing that up.

  • by steve Sat Dec 8, 2012 via web

    This is an interesting issue. One point raised is the power of WOM. Althouthe study focuses on social networks (people connecting with people), it's totally ignored the online community, forum and product review world where people connect with topic and products. Maybe the questions asked should be more opene ended to find out where / how consumers research their choices to make decisions. This may be anotherr example of. How marketers are missing significant opportunities to advertise where consumers are actually making buying decisions

  • by Stacey Fri Dec 14, 2012 via web

    Your Power of Word of Mouth entry is interesting. I feel I would fit both categories.

    My personal FB account is for keep in touch with friends and family (as I live abroad)

    Yet, I have a 2nd account set up for monitoring brands. Many brands run some interesting promotions and surveys through FB but I would find it annoying to try and monitor these for work purposes via my personal account. Surprised to hear there are only 26% of us (that admit) to having an account to only monitor brands.
    For me, it depends on the context of the situation as to what I fid


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