Similar to search engine results pages, being in the top two or three listings of a Facebook Graph Search results page is key to ensuring a listing is seen quickly and for a relatively long duration, according to research by Mediative, which used eye-tracking technology to explore which elements of the Facebook Graph search results page hold the most interest.

For the study, 21 people were asked to view the results of the query "restaurants nearby" on a given Facebook page. Among the participants, 95% focused on the top two results of a Facebook search results page—and the proportion of viewers who viewed a given result decreased fairly uniformly as viewers scanned down the page.

Graph Search was introduced in January 2013. It is a semantic search feature that allows users to execute a search queries directly in Facebook. Still in beta, the feature generates search results that incorporate the recommendations and likes of people in a given network.

Along with News Feed and Timeline, Facebook views Graph Search as the third pillar of the social networking site.

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