The inbound marketing industry, still emerging, is already playing a vital role in how marketers are doing their jobs, although challenges remain, according to the just-released fifth annual State of Inbound Marketing Survey from HubSpot.

"Inbound marketing not only has staying power, it's growing. It has proven itself to be much more than the next shiny technology or the latest buzzword," Meghan Lockwood, author of the 1164-page report, writes in its introduction.

"The research shows that nearly 60% of marketers have adopted inbound marketing strategies and more than 80% of those executing inbound marketing have integrated it into broader company goals. People are also investing more in inbound, as budgets for this strategy have grown nearly 50% in each of the past three years."

What follows are five compelling insights from the survey, including challenges confronting inbound marketers.

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Daniele Hagen (Dani) is marketing services manager at MarketingProfs.

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