A recent B2B marketing study by B2B International paints an interesting picture of the current marketing challenges US businesses are encountering, the strategies they are employing, and what they could be doing more of in the future.

The findings also provide comparisons with similar businesses in the UK and Germany.

Business and Marketing Challenges in the US

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of US companies selected innovation as one of their top 5 current business challenges, followed by building market share (57%), countering the competition (45%), and increasing brand awareness (43%), according to the research, which assessed businesses with a mean revenue of $6 billion.

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Julia Doheny (Cupman) is president of North America research at global business-to-business market research agency B2B International (a gyro: company), which serves a wide range of sectors. Reach her via +1-914-761-1909 or email: julia.doheny@b2binternational.com.

LinkedIn: Julia Doheny (Cupman)