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Commercial Break: Nestle's Sweet Dreams You Can't Resist

May 15, 2009

William Arruda, called the personal branding guru by Entrepreneur magazine, is the founder of Reach Personal Branding. He shares his personal-branding wisdom through his public speaking and his bestselling book, Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand.

But he is also passionate about TV commercials. In fact, William has an enormous collection of advertisements dating back to the 1970s. Sadly, he says, most of his TV ads are on VHS. But thanks to the Internet and YouTube, he nonetheless has access to most of the commercials he has collected over the decades.

Here, William shares some of his favorite ads. And true to his style, he offers up a lesson for how the ad relates to your personal brand—after all, it's all about personal branding... at least, in his world.

Client: Nestle
Campaign: Sweet Dreams You Can't Resist
Year: 1986

We love this commercial because…

It's among the most creative ads William says he's ever seen, and it has a spot on his Top 10 list.

"This ad is a series of Maxfield Parish paintings strung together with a catchy tune," he says. "The connection between white chocolate and innocence/virginity is subtle but powerful. It is all about sex and virginity wrapped in wholesome goodness... a Nestle wrapper."

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  • by Andrea Learned Fri May 15, 2009 via web

    This is hysterical. I missed the sexual innuendo back then (oblivious college girl). This may be a man's fantasy of a woman's fantasy (all breathy and Maxfield Parish). I'm sure the Nestle research showed that the core white chocolate consumer was female. Great chirp!

  • by Ann Handley Sat May 16, 2009 via web

    I remember seeing this back in the 1980s, too... who knew it was all about sex?? (And now I have the song stuck in my head... )

  • by Peg Mulligan Sat May 16, 2009 via web

    I like the comment about "a man's fantasy of a woman's fantasy..." The angelic girl on the swing is especially interesting; I will never look at white chocolate in quite the same way again. Kidding aside--this is very creative and effective marketing.

  • by Keith Stacey Sun Jul 26, 2009 via web

    This came out when I was eleven, and had already decided I wanted to grow up to be a composer. I remember the ad campaign after this commercial took a major new direction from this one. I was so upset (thinking I'd never see this, my favorite commercial again), I wrote whatever NESTLE address I had asking them to let me write their next White Chocolate commercial for free. Obviously, I never heard back, but I was really taken with this ad. I guess now I know why!

  • by Harvey Lee Hayes Thu May 19, 2011 via web

    It is just one of a kind. I love it how it reachs out and touchs ones soul.

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