Google recently unveiled Google Instant, which displays search results to a user as they type. The benefits of these changes, according to Google, are as follows…

  • Predictive Typing: As you type, a prediction is made of what you are seeking.
  • Instant Results: As you type, the results appear. Every new character updates the search results instantly.

The end result that Google promises is 10% faster searches. Google states the average search takes 25 seconds — 9 to enter in the query, less than one for Google to process and display the results, and 15 seconds for the user to decide and select a link. So shaving off 2.5 seconds is considerably faster. Is it true? Try it out yourself and watch a live presentation of Google Instant in action.

Technically speaking, the predictive type and “instant results” aren’t new technologies. Bing and Yahoo both rolled out predictive type solutions to their search input field several months ago. Apple has had an instant results in its search results drop-down box, which it dubs “live search”. In other words, as you type, it produces “live” search results.

What is new, however, is the combination and scale of these technologies. Google has applied these technologies — predictive and live results — to the world’s information. In other words, you can scan billions of potential results instantly while you type. Rather than typing the full search term, hitting return, and waiting (however briefly), you now get results “instantly” updated as each new character is typed.

5 Ways How Google Instant Changes the Game for Search Marketers

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David Felfoldi is chief experience officer and founder of Sherpa! Web Studios (, a digital experience marketing and development consultancy based in Atlanta, Georgia. His goal is to make the Web a better experience, including for people who write emails in all capital letters.