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Best Times to Send Email for Opens and Click-Throughs [Infographic]

October 19, 2012

To find out what times during the day are best for email opens and click-throughs, email marketing software provider GetResponse analyzed 21 million messages sent from US accounts during the first quarter of 2012.

The study found that 23.63% of all email opens occur within the first hour after delivery. Within the second hour after delivery, the results drop by half.

The top engagement times for email are as follows: in the mornings, 8 AM to 9 AM both for opens and click-throughs; and in the afternoons, 3 PM to 8 PM for opens, and 3 PM and 4 PM for click-throughs.

Time zones are also a consideration: Email marketers should keep in mind local times and work routines around the world, and stagger their mailings accordingly, keeping in mind the best times of day for engagement, according to GetResponse.

Check out the following infographic for more results from the GetResponse study.


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  • by TJS Mon Oct 22, 2012 via web

    Helpful info regarding send times. Any further insight which delves into best days of the week for B2B emails?

  • by Jim Greenway Mon Oct 22, 2012 via web

    Great information. Thank you.

  • by Adovio Mon Oct 22, 2012 via web

    Great question TSJ. Here at Adovio we send out millions of emails on behalf of clients for a number of industries. The results are usually about the same! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning ONLY - The open rate on other days is abysmal and not worth the time and energy to maximize the purpose.

  • by Prugh Roeser Mon Oct 22, 2012 via web

    The most interesting thing about the numbers above isn't the drop-off with each hour after delivery, but the fact that LESS THAN 50% OF ALL OPENS occur within the first 4 hours. If my addition is correct, the total above comes to 44.28%. Which means that 55%+ of all opens happen later, which means we all have a much longer activity window to stay on top of.

    Are there any corresponding numbers of clickthrus by hour after delivery?

  • by TJS Mon Oct 22, 2012 via web

    Thanks for the additional insight re: Mon, Tues and Wed. delivery. First thing Monday and late Friday have always been times I've stayed away from though have only our internal stats to look at. There are some who feel that since often people do read work email on the weekends, they might actually take more time with it if it came in then. It does of course depend upon the subject matter.

  • by SAM Mon Oct 22, 2012 via web

    Any one familiar with time zone segmentation - which email providers offer this?

  • by First Scribe Mon Oct 22, 2012 via web

    SAM, MailChimp offers the ability to use time traveling scheduling. Here is a link to their blog post about how it works:

  • by btrandolph Mon Oct 22, 2012 via web

    nice chart, and especially nice to avoid the sales pitch till the end! SAM, I think you missed the CTA at the bottom of the chart regarding the Time Travel feature.

    Prugh, I think the data is wonky on opens by time. at first I thought it was because most emails don't get opened, but the chart specifies the percentage is of all opens, rather than all emails. but to state that the majority of emails that DO get opened don't get opened within four hours boggles the mind.

    one thing I noticed: the largest amount of email is being sent in the morning, including adovio's. however, both open rate AND CTR are higher after 6PM. are the 21 MM emails reviewed for this study that different from the millions sent by adovio (and other followers of common wisdom)?

  • by Sophia Mon Oct 22, 2012 via mobile

    interesting information

  • by HG Tue Oct 23, 2012 via mobile

    Do you have any industry average stats on conversion rates? Whether its from email to web page to click-to-reg OR from
    Website visit to Registration? Cheers

  • by Rebecca Hilliard Thu Oct 25, 2012 via mobile

    A great graphic and some great insights. However, I'm curious about the question that Prugh raised as I had spotted the same. If 50%+ is opened after for four hours or longer, then the sending time is not perhaps so relevant?

  • by Carol Cohen Mon Jun 9, 2014 via web

    Lots of quality information in these infographics! TJS inquired about B2B send times compared to B2C. I found a great article on the subject on Pinpointe's blog:

    It is one of several sections covered in the overall entry. Other subjects covered include times of day, data unique to mobile users, and time of week to send your email campaigns. The full article is at:

    It really seems that the answers point to finding the niche your company fits in with all the billions of emails that these reports analyze. The best way to discover whats good for your company is test, test, test! Market uniquely to your customer base.

    Hope these additional links and details help out others looking to improve their open and click through rates.

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