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In light of the increasing popularity of digital devices, video, and social networks, how has digital content readership changed?

To answer that question, Uberflip researched key usage data from February 2010 through February 2013 using Google Analytics and Uberflip Metrics then created the following infographic.

Other trends that Uberflip noticed in the digital content readership include the growth of mobile content consumption and the focus on content being shareable.

Mobile content consumption makes up one-fifth of global traffic. (Desktop traffic continues declining steadily.) Case in point, in February 2013, 21% of visits were from mobile devices, while just three years earlier, only 1.6% of visits were. The number keeps growing with every year.

Mobile content isn't the only type of content to gain popularity. Video has also grown astronomically in the past three years. In February 2010, only a lowly 6% of users were incorporating video into their digital content. However, in February 2013, the number had almost grown quadrupled; 22% of users are now incorporating video in their digital content.

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