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The Inbox Is a Battlefield [Infographic]

by Verónica Jarski  |  
August 31, 2013

Every day, emails battle fiercely for attention. Some emails will win by being opened and having a call to action followed. Others will be deleted before they even had a chance.

On the battlefield known as the inbox, emails from all categories compete with one another. Which types of emails win the battle most?

Using its competitive intelligence tool, Inbox Insight, Return Path analyzed billions of messages sent to its panel of 3 million email users from May through June 2013. It then used the findings to create the following infographic.

According to Return path's analysis, email subscribers receive an average of 416 commercial emails a month. Daily deals, social networks, dating, and retail emails are the categories filling inboxes the most.

Of those most received emails, recipients are most opening emails having to do with...

  • Health and beauty
  • Department stores
  • Apparel
  • Home
  • Kids and babies

To find out more about what email fans read and how popular brands' emails rate, check out the following infographic:

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Veronica Jarski is the Opinions editor and a senior writer at MarketingProfs. She can be reached at

Twitter: @Veronica_Jarski

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  • by George Kane Mon Sep 2, 2013 via web

    It is very difficult to get people to read your advertisement emails. I think the best way is to have already established a connection with the consumer. A follow up email after a purchase or something of that matter, is usually the best way to connect. Most people I know just delete advertisement emails upon receiving them.

  • by Amber Tue Sep 3, 2013 via web

    Inbox is indeed a battlefield. If you are sending out emails, you need to make sure that you are prepared to compete with others. You need to make them want to open and read your email.

  • by Max Zaron Wed Sep 4, 2013 via web

    This is a great infographic. With all of the changed being made to Gmail's tabbed inbox and what not it's important to know what the consumer is really willing to open and read. Just like George said, it is important to have an established connection to the consumer so they don't feel as if it is a total surprise when they see your brand name in their inbox.

  • by Gracious Store Wed Sep 11, 2013 via web

    the inbox is a battlefield because there are many tens of emails in the box calling for the users' attention. Unfortunately the users does not have all the time to signs up of the full hands on deck platform

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