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Need to know how many people purchased the latest iPhone? Want to remember who played Hanson's best friend on the 1980s show 21 Jumpstreet? You probably jumped on your favorite search engine to find the answer.

You're not alone.

Some 82.6% of all Internet users used search last year, according to an infographic by Levelwing. Also...

• Searches were made more often by people who are white, 18-29 years old, and college graduates.

• 64% of search engine users used at least one search engine at least daily.

• Moms search twice as much as non-moms: US moms conducted 21 searches per week; non-moms conducted 11.

• Regarding daily activity, 60% of 18-29-year-old users of search engines searched daily—the same amount as people age 30-49.

• 41% of people age 50 or older conducted daily searches.

To find out more about online searchers, check out the following infographic:

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