Get the latest on the Nobel Peace Prize winners, Facebook Stickers, improving your Pinterest SEO, and an exhilaratingly scary South Korean guerrilla stunt. Skim it to take a social leap!

Say hello to the peacemakers. Kailash Satyarthi of India and Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan received the Nobel Peace Prize this year for their brave efforts in supporting education for kids. Malala, the youngest person to ever win the prize, was shot in a schoolbus by a Taliban emissary in 2012... and she hasn't stopped speaking out since. And though Malala doesn't use Facebook herself, users have produced over 17 million posts congratulating her. See Malala's speech on Digg. (Satyarthi—a longtime child education activist whose work has freed countless children—got a lot of love, too: He's now the second most-popular Nobel laureate after Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Building on that, The Wall Street Journal published a piece on how the Nobel Prize Committee got social-smart. Last year, after noticing fewer visits on its webpage, Nobel Media jump-started social operations. Since then, it's broadcast Facebook posts, SoundCloud soundbytes, and nearly 500 tweets over the course of the awards, more than doubling its follower count (it's now 102,000) since the prize announcements went out. Follow the committee at @NobelPrize.

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