One of the hardest tasks for a marketer is to have the subject line of your email heard (i.e., read) over all the noise of an inbox, which is why email campaign managers turn to the always-effective coupon.

Killer Visual Strategies (formerly Killer Infographics) found that in 2013 there was a 50% year-over-year increase in campaigns mentioning coupons in emails. Coupons were also the No. 1 mobile email campaign trend.

Moreover, strong evidence shows that coupons are much more effective than promotional mailings: Coupons have a 34% higher unique click rate and a 48% higher revenue per email rate.

Offering coupons is all about giving customers what they want—deals. Nearly three-fourths of brand loyalists and over 50% of the general population seek out special offers.

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image of Brian Hoffman

Brian Hoffman is the sales and marketing lead at Killer Infographics.

LinkedIn: Brian Hoffman