After 21 years on the Late Show stage, host David Letterman has announced his retirement, leaving behind years of laughter, a comedic legacy, and a valuable lesson for email marketers: When searching for success, have a killer opening act with a star subject line.

Just as Letterman's producers and writers work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure his opening act is a hit in front of the audience, marketers should take a similar course of action when creating star subject lines.

View an email campaign as you would the Late Show: The subject line is the opening act; it sets the stage for the entire show.

To ensure that your audience is hooked from the beginning, marketers should invest the appropriate time and resources into creating a powerful and compelling subject line.

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image of Seamas Egan

Seamas Egan is manager of revenue operations at email software and services provider Campaigner.

LinkedIn: Seamas Egan