Inspired by the movie "Pitch Perfect" featuring the Barden Bellas a capella group, the following Campaigner infographic features tips to help you create email marketing campaigns that hit the right note with customers.

1. Take personalization to a higher octave

When the Bellas realized its standard renditions of all-female classics weren't making the cut, the group found the key to its comeback was to switch up its repertoire and personalize its performance for the crowd.

Taking a note from the Bellas' success, effective marketing campaigns require personalization and knowing your audience. But it's more than just inserting a name into the subject line, it's about offering content and images directly targeted to your recipients' demographics or preferences.

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image of Seamas Egan

Seamas Egan is manager of revenue operations at email software and services provider Campaigner.

LinkedIn: Seamas Egan