Google AdWords recently announced plans to update its conversion tracking reporting structure to help advertisers better track and segment their campaign data.

On the surface, the changes seem far from earth-shattering. But if you dig a little deeper, you might notice a bigger vision that has Google shifting its AdWords platform toward a more advanced marketing audience.

Case in point: The conversion tracking updates allow advertisers to measure the multiple touchpoints often present in today's complex customer journeys. AdWords is updating a few conversion tracking reporting columns to allow for more customized tracking of macro and micro conversion actions.

Here are the changes that are particularly important for digital marketers to note:

  • A new "Conversions" column is replacing the "Conversions for Optimization" column. The new column shows data for only macro conversions. For a conversion action to show up in this column, its optimization setting must be turned "on."
  • An "All Conversions" column is replacing the "Estimated Total Conversions" column. The new column shows data for both macro and micro conversions. All conversion actions are reported in this column—even if their optimization setting is turned "off."

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