New apps and ad capabilities. That's the agenda on this week's SocialSkim. We dive into the latest under-25 messaging platform that brands are scrambling onto, and we introduce Twitter's new standalone app built specifically for its power users.

We'll give you the latest on Tumblr's foray into live video (spoiler: it's not like Facebook Live), discuss why Reddit might be the next social network your brand joins, and make your day with a bounty of free and cheap visual marketing tools. Skim to stay on top of it all!

Introducing Yubl, the latest messaging app grabbing teens'—and brands'—attention

Pronounced "Yubble," the social messaging app targeted at the under-25 demographic appears a lot like Instagram, but images on the social network's feed aren't static and can include interactive "buttons" that let users vote, see a location, or follow a link.

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Christian Neri is a digital marketing professional in the film & television industry, and a contributor to MarketingProfs. An American expat in Paris, he recently completed his MS in digital marketing at IÉSEG School of Management.

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