This week's 'Skim is all about reaching for ad dollars without compromising user experience. We'll dive into a recent survey that discusses falling user satisfaction on social platforms, and we'll explore Reddit's new plan to lure advertisers and shake off its users' anti-ad image.

We'll also touch on Twitter's big live-streaming news, fill you in on why Vine just paid a hacker $10,000, and give you some pointers on nine new and mostly secret Facebook targeting options designed to up your ad game. Skim to keep your fans engaged!

The state of social: More time on it, yet less satisfied

Though users are spending, on average, 10 minutes more per day on Facebook's platforms this year than last (now up to 50 minutes per day), their satisfaction has dropped nine percentage points—a marked year-over-year decrease that has some worried.

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Christian Neri is a digital marketing professional in the film & television industry, and a contributor to MarketingProfs. An American expat in Paris, he recently completed his MS in digital marketing at IÉSEG School of Management.

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