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Scott Stratten

January 5

Age of Disruption: Everything Has Changed and Nothing Is Different
with Scott Stratten

Get inspired by internationally-known speaker Scott Stratten as he walks you through what's real and what's not in the business world today. You'll learn how the millennial generation will affect your business, why social media is not an ideal sales and marketing tool, and how your market forms buying decisions.

Jay Baer

January 12

Hug Your Haters
with Jay Baer

In this eye-opening and hilarious presentation, New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer reveals brand-new, proprietary research into why and where your customers complain. Learn why you need to hug your haters and embrace complaints, and how to respond to them. You'll leave with valuable tips on how to handle trolls, and why you need to answer every grievance, in every channel, every time.

David Nihill

January 19

How Comedy Principles Can Make Anyone a Better Public Speaker (Even You)
with David Nihill

Discover how applying stand-up comedy principles to public speaking can help you deliver more memorable, entertaining, and engaging presentations. David will deconstruct the stand-up process, and share easy, actionable steps that will make you stand out. You'll walk away with the tools to translate comedy principles into public speaking skills, so you deliver compelling and unforgettable presentations ... on every occasion.

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