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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Marketing Concepts

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
Hello everyone,

I have an essay of Advance Marketing course. The competing concepts under which organizations have conducted marketing activities include: the Production concept, Product concept, Selling concept, Marketing concept, and Holistic Marketing concept.

I extremely appreciate if you help me to "evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each concept". Which concept do you believe is the most effective?. Please give me some explain. Thanks.

I know the definitions of these concepts, but I do not know how to evaluate each concept. Therefore, your opinions are very appreciated!

Moreover, please tell me either a few journal articles or website that you think might be useful.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kristin G.

  • Posted by carrie77 on Moderator
    I have closed your question and refunded your points. Please read our Important Guidelines before re-posting.

    We do not do homework assignments and this looks like a cut and paste of one. What we do, which is far more meaningful -- our experts provide a safe place to test hypotheses and try out ideas.

    What I suggest is that you come up with some ideas of you own and then re-post, including those ideas. Our experts can then tell you if you're on the right track, where else to look, or what the next logical step might be.

    Good luck.
    Carrie (Production Editor)

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