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One Simple Link Building Tip That's Often Overlooked

by Eric Ward  |  
April 4, 2007

It's been so long since my last post that by now I really AM as old as my nickname, LinkMoses. I apologize for the unintended hiatus. Our baby is now just a few weeks away, and I have been in major nest building mode for a couple months. I'd like to begin with a link building tip that I see overlooked again and again.

If you are a dues-paying member of a niche professional association (local or national), have you checked to see if that association has a web site with members names or resources (and web sites) listed and linked?
Example: You run a fly fishing shop in Chattanooga, and you have a modest Web site. (Call it link bait. Couldn't resist). See The Middle Tennessee Fly Fishers organization resources page at How about the Southeastern Council Federation of Fly Fishers at That fly fishing shop I mentioned is not a member of either. So they have an excuse, but why aren't they? No links for you!
Many companies are members of so many organizations and associations that they can't keep up with them all. It's worth your time to create a list of every one you belong to, and verify if that organization has a web site with member lists, and links, like most do. Then make sure your site is linked, and if not, request your site be added. You pay your dues, you deserve your link. Go get them.
That's some easy low hanging link fruit that's likely to be quite trustworthy.
Good to be back!
Eric Ward

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Eric founded the Web's very first online publicity and linking services, NetPOST and URLwire, in 1994. Eric's expertise is in helping companies generate links, publicity and buzz for their Web content. A hands-on practitioner, Eric also offers training and seminars that teach companies how to do it in-house. His client list is a who's who of online brands, from to

Eric has written for for ClickZ and Ad Age, and he won the 1995 Tenagra Award For Internet Marketing Excellence. In 1997, he was named one of the Web's 100 most influential people by Websight magazine. A well-known speaker at the major industry trade shows, Eric will soon publish The Ward Report, a monthly "how-to" newsletter on the art of link building and publicity for Web content, with commentary on the newest trends and practices.

A native of northern New Jersey, Eric has lived in Knoxville, Tennessee since graduating from the University of TN. Eric's wife Melissa and toddler Noah say "bye daddy geek" every day when he leaves for work.

Eric can be reached at

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  • by Mario Vellandi Wed Apr 4, 2007 via blog

    Good tip! Despite my being online savvy and thinking I've covered my various bases, there are lots of orgs to which I haven't updated info. Making a comprehensive list and seeing my "personal points of contact" and where else I'd like to on my to-do. Welcome back

  • by Dawud Miracle Thu Apr 5, 2007 via blog

    Good tip. And I agree it's too simple that it gets overlooked. Yet every link to your site is a chance for traffic...and it's good Google Juice.

  • by Ann Handley Thu Apr 5, 2007 via blog

    Welcome back, Link Moses.

  • by Colleen Newman Thu Apr 5, 2007 via blog

    I agree. This is a gold mine for leads/sales. Thanks for the reminder.

  • by Bonny Marchetti Thu Apr 5, 2007 via blog

    Many times, the simplest idea is the most valuable and it is free! Thank you,

  • by Eric Ward Fri Apr 6, 2007 via blog

    I was having a conversation with a woman who was a business owner, had a web site, and who was also a member of her local Women in Business organization, as well as a similar organization for her state, and another for her tri-state area. She was also a member of several other associations related to her industry. In total I think she was a dues paying member in seven different legitimate high trust organizations. All seven had links pages where she should have had a link to her site, but she only had links from two of them (mostly because she'd been a member since prior to having a web site). She asked for links from the other five and all five added her link in less than a week. Some linking strategists will tell you to join an organization just for the link. I'm not a fan of that approach. It seems a little slutty. But if you are *already* a member of legit associations and don't have your rightful link, go get them :) Eric

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