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Three Ways You're Pushing Away Customers on Facebook... and 11 Ideas for Engaging Them [Slide Show]

by Verónica Jarski  |  
January 31, 2013

Are you using your company's Facebook page the best way that you can? Or did you create a page, put up a few posts, and figure customers will like you because of your inherent awesomeness?

Unfortunately, awesomeness alone doesn't guarantee lots of followers. You have to work to engage your customers on Facebook. And you have to avoid making the gaffes that can push them away.

Here's a quick look at three common mistakes companies make in attempting to engage customers on Facebook.

Writing long, wordy posts. According to Ekaterina Walter, presenter of the PRO seminar, "How to Effectively Engage With Your Customers on Facebook," the best sort of posts are short ones.

Failing to respond to customers. "Sure, responding to customers will take time---but do it anyway," Walter advises. Imagine running into your customer somewhere and having them shout  hello or ask for your quick opinion on some matter. Now, imagine what they'd think of you if you just walked away without saying a word. That's how slighted your customers will feel if you don't say anything back after they leave a comment or share a photo, etc.

Not using photos. The popularity of Instagram and Pinterest demonstrate our love for visual content. So, why aren't companies using visual content in their Facebook posts?

So, do you want to know what you can do to engage customers on Facebook?

Check out the following visual sketch notes created from some of the many brilliant tips that Walter discussed in her seminar.

[raw_html_snippet id="basic-social-media-kit"]

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Veronica Jarski is the Opinions editor and a senior writer at MarketingProfs. She can be reached at

Twitter: @Veronica_Jarski

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  • by Margo in Woodbridge Thu Jan 31, 2013 via blog

    What about using video on facebook? Is there data on how effective this is or whether it generates more feedback?

  • by Jackie Mon Feb 4, 2013 via blog

    great slide presentation - just goes to show how much visuals mean!

  • by Veronica Maria Jarski Mon Feb 4, 2013 via blog


    Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed the slideshow.

  • by Ekaterina Walter Mon Feb 4, 2013 via blog

    absolutely. Video does really well. Rich media is a very popular format on Facebook. It also does well within the ad units (where you can play the video right there inside the ad and not click through anywhere else). I highly recommend using video as well as images.

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