In my opinion, the explainer video marketing trend is dreadful.

Marketers want visitors to understand their solutions. Try as they might, marketers can't whittle that evasive selling proposition down into a sentence, so they make an infomercial—er, sorry—an explainer video. It's not an infomercial because there's no bonus if you act now. No operators are standing by.

It gets worse.

Often, they don't yet have customers, so they can't splice together a happy customer reel. The inventor of the solution is camera-shy, so the talking head approach is out. They have no revenue stream, so it never even occurs to anyone to bring in professionals to produce a commercial.

But heeeeeey... What about explainer videos? They explain stuff.

It gets worse.

What if the things that you marketers are marketing, which need explaining, are largely invisible? Marketers do what marketers do. They copy bad marketers (in the habit of taking cues from other bad marketers) who earn big bucks marketing invisible products.

In this case, they dig into their startup marketing budget, extract a fiver, and visit Fiverr, the spot where 5,000 out-of-work artists—each dimmer than a dime—somehow manage to make a living landing clients willing to pay those pals a virtual five spot.

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