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As a content marketer, you've always relied on your trusty three-wheeler to get your job done. Oh, you didn't realize you owned a tricycle? Well, analogically, you certainly do.

Wheel 1: The Authoring Wheel

Like a spinning wheel, you continuously write, produce, or curate content. This wheel keeps churning out content, whether blog articles, videos, or whitepapers, with a distinct purpose for each piece. You know content is king, so this wheel gets the most oil to keep it from rusting.

Wheel 2: The Distribution Wheel

What's great content without an audience to consume it? This wheel works just as hard to continuously broadcast your shiny new (and evergreen) content on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You send emails to your subscribers, maybe dabble with sponsored ads on LinkedIn, whatever method works for you. It's a no-brainer that your content will only convert if it has a healthy audience.

Wheel 3: The Track and Measure Wheel

This is probably your front wheel—the one that does the steering (with your hands on the handlebars, of course).

You use this wheel to measure how you're doing—which content is resonating and converting or getting more shares.

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image of Yoav Schwartz

Yoav Schwartz is CEO at Uberflip, a provider of content marketing, curation, and digital publishing software.

LinkedIn: Yoav Schwartz

Twitter: @yostar