Maybe the shift was inevitable in the race for bigger and better technologies. Little by little, we turned control over to technology, and then, at the moment when it seemed like our lives should be easier and more productive, we suddenly realized that we were living a nightmare in which machines have replaced actual people.

Sounds like something out of a Terminator movie, right?

Unfortunately, it's not. It's a conversation that many marketers are having in the wake of automated marketing technology. Machines have started to replace human beings in the marketing process, and the results aren't as glamorous as many had hoped.

Automation presents important opportunities for marketers. But people still have a critical place in our increasingly automated world—and organizations that ignore the role that living, breathing human beings play in the marketing automation process risk leaving both money and market share on the table.

The Rise of Intuitive Search Intelligence

Machines aren't inherently evil. They're tools that can and should be used to make our lives simpler and to improve our account results. In business, technology has been widely used to automate various aspects of the marketing process, creating a smarter and more responsive approach to search engines and target audiences.

For example, marketing automation allows marketers to execute PPC campaigns by simply selecting a handful of keywords, picking the Conversion Optimizer option in AdWords, and letting the machines handle the rest. Marketing automation has transformed PPC and other marketing activities from high-touch operations to self-managing processes.

But successful self-managing processes don't exist. Algorithms can only do so much. To achieve the kind of results you expect from your marketing investments, you need to reintroduce the human element and allow your marketing team to play a more active role in the process.

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Mike Mothner is CEO at Wpromote.

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