Lately, my 10-year-old daughter is fascinated with "reverse video" on YouTube, videos that run the action backwards. Fireworks in reverse have an eerie beauty, reverse "Let it Go" from the movie "Frozen" is hard to stop watching, and eating Taco Bell food in reverse… Well, some videos are easy to stop watching.

Those reverse videos are all good for a laugh. But what if I told you that your investment in marketing videos and other visual content was going backwards, too?

If you're thinking about video like many marketers do, it just may be.

You're Rolling the Camera... in Which Direction?

The Web has transitioned from a text-dominated ecosystem to a highly visual platform. That especially holds true for commerce. Consumers expect an increasingly seamless visual experience from brands and retailers, so that they can engage and educate themselves about their potential purchases.

Moreover, we are entering the age of visual commerce. Brands that want to succeed in this new era must continue to embrace and integrate more visual elements, such as videos, 3-D images, and interactive optical elements, across all their channels.

The data associated with the growing power of visual content for commerce is difficult to argue with. Put simply, visually driven experiences drive sales.

Video is a great foundation for any successful visual commerce strategy. Consumers who watch video are almost twice as likely to purchase as consumers who don't. Our rapid shift to mobile-first content consumption is fueling those trends as 32% of ecommerce videos are watched on mobile. So, like 76% of marketers, you already have a video program in place and plan to increase budget for video next year.

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image of Russ Somers

Russ Somers is vice president of marketing for Invodo, a video platform provider.

LinkedIn: Russ Somers

Twitter: @rsomers